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EZ Building And Pest Inspections is an Australian owned family business.  Our goal is to provide building inspections that help you make an informed buying decision. 


We are a proud family owned company that is committed to compassionately treating each client like our neighbor. The owner and inspector of EZ Building And Pest Inspections is highly qualified and experienced and fully insured to perform both building inspections and Timber Pest (White Ant) inspections.

Our goal is to help you buy your new home with complete confidence


EZ Building and Pest Inspections provides leading building inspection services ensuring  the buying process is as simple as possible. I’ve built a reputation for being one of the most honest, educated, friendly and trusted professional building inspectors in the Perth. 

When buying your new home, you’re going to want a thorough, comprehensive building inspection because no home is perfect. There may be hidden defects which you may not see during your visits to your new dream home.

I will help identify potential structural defects, safety hazards and maintenance issues before you commit your hard earned money to what is arguably the most expensive investment you’ll ever make.  

I arrange access to the property for inspection ensuring the report is issued well within your “offer to purchase” report deadline. 

I provide written inspection reports in compliance with Australian Standards AS4349.1 for building inspections and AS4349.3 for Timber Pest. Defects identified during the inspection are explained, and recommendations are given in easy to understand, non-technical terms supported by colour photographs.

Following completion of the report/s you’ll be emailed the report on the day of the inspection. 


Hi, I’m Jacob Oosthuizen, proud founder of EZ Building And Pest Inspections. I have a strong building and construction industry background. I’ve been involved in design, engineering and construction since 1974. 

I started EZ Building and Pest Inspections in 2015 because I am excited about sharing my knowledge and expertise to  help home buyers make a better informed buying decision. I strongly believe in “Honesty, Integrity, and Education” simply because I believe these qualities are what made my 40+ year career so pleasurable and successful. 

My qualifications include: Qualified engineer (SA), University diploma in project management (SA), Candidate property valuer/appraiser (SA), Real Estate Agent Diploma (SA), Fully qualified Mortgage Broker (Perth). I therefore have extensive knowledge regarding the real estate industry procedures. 

I firmly believe in quality over quantity, and apply this to my building inspection reports.

For more information about the services I offer at EZ Building And Pest Inspections and how I can help you, Call me right now on 0437 139 321.

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