Structural Building Inspection

Structural inspection to Australian Standards AS4349.1 Appendix “A”Building 

When you’re buying a new home, the most important inspection is the Structural Building Inspection.

If your offer is subject to this report, you’re in the right place.

This inspection is vital because it allows an independent building inspector to check for any costly structural defects before you commit to buying the house.

If any issues are found in the inspection, it could affect your decision to purchase the property, and save you from buying a problematic house.

So, it’s best to have this inspection done to avoid any potential problems and save yourself from spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

About the Structural building Inspection

The purpose of the structural Building inspection is to provide advice to you, the prospective Home Buyer or other
interested party regarding the condition of the structure of the residential building. 

Scope of a Structural Building Inspection

It is a visual assessment of accessible areas of the residential building to identify visible structural defects and to form an opinion of the general condition of the structure of the building visible at time of the inspection.

Area of the building we inspect are: 

The structural elements

Those elements that support the house are called “structural elements”. These typically include:

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